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Dear All Caregivers,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! For taking good care of Dakota Kate. I don't worry about her when she is with you & that means so much!

S.C. Asheville

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for giving such wonderful care and attention to our four legged children. We never worry a bit while we are away. You are an amazing lady and a true inspiration!

with love and friendship,
K. L. S. and A.


I felt good about leaving Rosie in your care. Appreciate your concern for her. Will use you again.


I just boarded my nervous new-to-me 4 year old dog here for the first time and couldn't be happier. The staff entertained numerous questions from me and encouraged me to tour with my dog a couple of times before she spent a night.

They didn't charge me for those brief tours, they took their time showing her around and giving us pointers on making her more comfortable, and they didn't require that I schedule the tours (suggesting the kennel is consistently clean) - they only asked that I come during their office hours. 

During the tours they encouraged me to consider goodness of fit for my dog rather than sell their facility to me. They weren't pushy or gimmicky; they simply showed us around, explained why they do things the way they do them, and demonstrated that they know significantly more about dogs than I do.

They were very professional and clear about their policies in general, and they were a great combination of matter of fact and compassionate toward my dog.

They didn't sugarcoat anything about her experience before or after we boarded her - we all knew she would be nervous, we discussed ways to make her as comfortable as possible, and it was as successful as her first time being boarded could have been.

The facility is clean, and their daily routine ensures the dogs' physical needs are met. The owner was great with my dog - she was sensitive to her nervousness but didn't make a big deal out of it... She did a nice job of acknowledging the dog's needs without freaking the dog or me out.

Felix C.

Black Mountain

This grooming service is excellent. I am so happy with the grooming my two King Charles Cavaliers received. They came home happy, bathed, nails cut and groomed in a wonderful professional way. Thank you. We will be back.

Anne D.