Frequently Asked Questions

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My dog has never boarded before. What can I do to make her stay easier?

Feel free to give us a call (828)299-9500 to set up a visit with us prior to your dog's stay! A walk around the facility, a chance to meet the staff and "sniff around" can wonders to help your dog feel more comfortable if she has never boarded (or never boarded with us before).



Will my dog play with other dogs when she is boarding?

It depends on your dog, if play is fun for them and with written permission from you we will take your pup out in small play-style appropriate groups for exercise and fun. If "other" dogs are not your pup's cup of tea we will take them to individual play yards for exercise. In these yards they can see other dogs  but do not have physical contact with non related dogs.

If your dog is staying in our "small dog room" they may go out in the exercise yard with other small dogs with your written permission and if they seem to enjoy it.  Either way, all of our boarding dogs get out to exercise pens 4-5 times a day and again around 9pm for a chance to relieve themselves before bed time.

What should I bring from home for my dog?

The simple answer is "just bring your dog" We have everything your pet could need including food. That being said, feel free to bring anything that will make your pup feel more comfortable. If they love their bed, or a special blanket bring it. An old t-shirt that you have worn can be a comfort and favorite toys are also welcome. Please do not bring anything that is irreplaceable as pets will sometimes chew on things they wouldn't normally when boarding.

Most people bring their own food because they don't want to change their pet's diet, this is especially important if your dog has any food allergies. If you do bring food and/or treats please bring it a resealable container (no need to measure out individual servings) and always bring extra in case you get delayed. We are able to refrigerate or freeze food when necessary. Whether its our food or yours from home we will always make every effort to feed your dog as close to what they are used to at home as possible. 

Medications and supplements should be brought in clearly labeled containers.