Baths and Grooming

Baths & Grooming:

Buckeye Kennels offers full service canine grooming by appointment, Monday through Friday. If your pet has been boarding with us, we can schedule their grooming for their check out day or Friday if you are picking up on Saturday or Sunday. 

Prices are based on breed/size of dog, coat condition and work requested. Our grooming prices are all inclusive. We charge one price and do the job properly based on the needs of your pet, not on what you are willing to pay for.

When we groom a pet, we clean the ears, cut the nails, express the anal glands if needed or requested, and use the shampoo and or conditioner that best suits your pet’s needs.

All dogs are hand dried, we never crate dry.  This ensures each pet is clean and examined from top to bottom.  This is the same whether you schedule a bath or a full clip.  We want to do what is best for your pet, just like we do for our own dogs.

When you arrive for your appointment, one of our groomers will meet with you and discuss what you would like done for your dog. we will examine your pet and determine what can be safely and properly done.  We will review what we are going to do and what you can expect. 

We will not de-mat a coat unless it can be done humanely and safely. I groom because I love dogs and enjoy helping them feel good and stay healthy. I will not make the pet miserable just to save several inches of coat that will grow back if taken off! So please don’t ask.

We can schedule a pick-up time for your pet, minimizing the time it has to spend with us, or, if it is more convenient, you may leave your pet until closing time. We will make them at home in the kennel. They will get walked outside and given water so they will be comfortable until your return.

All our grooming supplies are free of harsh chemicals.  We utilize a variety of shampoo, conditioners and rinses to accommodate different coat and skin conditions. We can also use your products, or products prescribed by your vet.

Buckeye Kennel’s groomers are kind, accomplished and competent.  We strive to understand what each customer wants and balance that with their pet’s needs.  Questions? just ask! We are glad to listen and understand what it is you want and expect.  We work hard to be another member of your canine companion's good health team by working with you and your veterinarian.